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New: THE Waterfall Trail in Stilluptal Valley

A wonderfully refreshing hike.

Stilluptal valley in the Mayrhofen-Hippach holiday region is not only a popular day trip destination, but is also known for its numerous waterfalls and rushing wild waters. The new Waterfall Trail lends yet another mountain experience to the valley, creating refreshing “breaks" on hot summer days. Construction of the first section, which leads from the base of the Stillup Reservoir to the Grüne Wand Hut, will be completed this summer.

Course of the "Waterfall Trail" - first section
The new adventure trail for hikers frequently traverses rushing wild waters and leads past picturesque alpine pastures, providing a new perspective on the beauty of the valley. The first section, with a length of 5.4 km, encompasses the trail from the base of the Stillup Reservoir to the Grüne Wand Hut.  

Less is MORE - over-dramatization is superfluous
"The desire to "be outside" has never been greater than this year," remarks Andreas Lackner, Managing Director of the Mayrhofen-Hippach Holiday Region. "While planning the new hiking trail, it was important to us that we interfere with the existing natural landscape as little as possible. We also refrained from any kind of artificial landscaping, as nature speaks for itself," Andreas Lackner is well satisfied with the overall project.

Expansion & further development
The project will be implemented in three construction phases. In addition to the extension of the path, there will be different places along the trail that hikers can experience, such as resting areas where flagging energy levels can be recharged. Welcoming niches to linger and relax are also planned, whereby special emphasis is placed on the naturalness of the design. With this in mind, a deliberate choice was made to avoid "kitschy" and artificial landscaping. The aim of this trail is to create a new experience for hikers in the Stilluptal Valley. A key feature here is the decoupling of the hiking route from the existing asphalt toll road. Hikers will thus have the opportunity to experience the Stilluptal Valley on foot, in the midst of natural landscapes.

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