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www.mayrhofen.at/en/press is a free picture database for license-free media. Please note the Terms & Conditions before using any images/logos/videos and texts. Mayrhofen-Hippach grants the User a non-exclusive, non-transferable, temporary and geographically unlimited license to use the downloaded images / logos / videos and texts for admissible purposes. All rights to the images / logos / videos and texts, including all copyrights and other intellectual property rights that relate to the images / logos / videos and texts remain with the Tourism Mayrhofen-Hippach or the respective photographer / author. Permission for use in excess of what standard permission allows is to be sought in individual cases from Mayrhofen-Hippach Tourist Board (Marketing and Communications Department). We are happy to answer further questions under the “Help” section.


Type of License

Mayrhofen-Hippach Tourist board hereby grants the User with non-exclusive, non-transferable, temporary and geographically unlimited license to use the downloaded images / logos / videos and texts for the following admissible purposes

  • The provided image, logo and video material is only permitted for editorial use (not commercial).
  • Use of the imagery in pictorial data banks, picture catalogues and similar image collections is prohibited.


Type of Use - the following shall apply:

  • the right of reproduction and distribution, i.e. the right to reproduce and distribute the graphic materials for the specified types of use as desired - including all rights of any form of reproduction and distribution by visual, audio or digital means are reserved.
  • the right of retrieval and online law, i.e. the right to make image material available via analogue, digital or other storage or data transmission technology, with or without intermediate storage, wirelessly or via cables.
  • the right to broadcast, i.e. the right to transmit image material to the public in the context of the above Licence any number of times in all industrial processes (e.g. as analogue, digital, high resolution, incl. DVB-T, -C, -S and -H) via radio broadcasts, such as radio and television broadcasting, cable radio, Hertzian waves, laser, microwaves etc. or similar technical devices, regardless of whether broadcast by terrestrial radio equipment, cable TV (also through telephone networks), including cable retransmission, satellites including direct satellite (DBS), other data or carried telephone lines or nets as ISDN, DSL, GSM, UMTS, radio relay, Powerline (power lines) etc., other technical means or by combination of the aforementioned transmission paths.
  • the right to print, i.e. the right to use the image and logo material within the aforementioned Licence for the production, reproduction and distribution of illustrated or non-illustrated books, booklets and other printed works. Use of the imagery in picture catalogues and similar image collections is prohibited. 
  • videogram rights, i.e. the right to utilize photographic material and its reproduction and distribution via analogue and digital image / sound / data carriers of any kind. The videogram rights include in particular all storage media (image / sound carriers) of all types (CD, DVD, etc.)
  • the right to make limited editing, i.e. the right to edit the image material using analogue, digital or other image editing methods as follows: Changing image size (enlargement, reduction, snipping), conversion of colour information, alteration of colour, contrast and brightness levels. The right to make other alterations to the image material remains with the copyright holder.
  • All other rights to the images / logos, including all copyrights and other intellectual property rights that relate to the imagery, remain with the copyright holder.


The following rights in particular are NOT assigned:

  • merchandising rights, i.e. the right of commercial exploitation of the logo and image material by selling the image and logo material, or the production and distribution of goods of all kinds that feature images and logos (e.g. posters, postcards, clothing, publications including comics, sound carriers, headgear, mousepads , buttons etc.).


Free Use

Mayrhofen-Hippach Tourist Board shall forego payment from the User for granting the aforementioned usage rights. 


Copyright and Source Reference

Upon uploading the image, the User is obliged to specify the name of the photographer, so long as is technically possible, on the photo itself or at the bottom of the page in the following form:

Archiv TVB Mayrhofen©photographer’s name

When image material is used in the internet or digital media, Mayrhofen-Hippach Tourist Board must referred to in the form of a link, www.mayrhofen.at 


Prohibited Use

The press section www.mayrhofen.at/en/press may only be used for legal purposes.

The press section www.mayrhofen.at/en/press must not be used in order to spread defamatory, pornographic or material that is illegal in any way, or to threaten others, harass or violate the rights (including moral rights) of third parties.



In case of violation of these Terms of Use, Mayrhofen-Hippach Tourist Board has the right to block access to the press section www.mayrhofen.at/en/press  or parts of it with immediate effect.  Mayrhofen-Hippach Tourist Board reserves the right to initiate legal proceedings and assert claims (compensation claims in particular).


Database Rights

Download: Download Business, Use and License Conditions.

Retrievable images, logos, videos and texts in the press section www.mayrhofen.at/en/press constitute in their entirety a database protected by copyright. It is forbidden to take over or to alter this database in its structure wholly or even in part without the consent of Mayrhofen-Hippach Tourist Board. 


Final Provisions:

This license agreement is subject exclusively to the substantive law of the Republic of Austria, with the exception of the UN Convention on the International Sale of Goods.